Bingman's Painting Service, Inc.

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Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

what we're about

services list

  • Pressure cleaning, mildew/salt removal
  • Waterproofing and sealing
  • Roof cleaning, sealing, and repainting
  • New construction, all phases
  • Interior and exterior repaints
  • Perfect touch ups and color matching
  • Custom faux finishes
  • Furniture and cabinet restoration 
  • Work with independent contractors
  • Exterior paint removal
  • Teak wood oiling and maintenance
  • Antiquing, pickling, and staining



Getting It Exactly Right 

You love the vintage mauve dress your mother gave you – make sure he loves it too, with Bingman's on-site color matching experts.

Spruce It Up


There's no reason your exteriors can't match the vibrancy of your interiors!


featured service

Stain/Faux/Texture Matching


Mike Bingman is our resident color match guru.  Dan Adams is our resident faux/texture match guru.  Seriously, the things they comes up with for rooms continually blow our clients away. They are unlike any other interior visionaries you are going to find.


If you have a room that's in need of some major "WOW!," get in touch and we'll get our magic minds on the job.



market research

Product quality matters.


Every year, we analyze consumer reports to determine the best products for meeting the strenuous climate demands of our clients' properties.


unique services

Furniture/Cabinet Painting:
Painting the house is nice, but sometimes you need the right skill set to bring out other elements of your home.

Paint Removal:
We know how to put it on, but we also know how to take it off.

Contractor Work:
Your clients will be pleased as punch when we work together.